S2 - Zeroing, Patterning, and Fundamentals of Shooting

Half-day course: Live-fire
Requisite Training: S1
Shotgun (clean and in safe working condition)
5 rounds shotgun slugs ammunition
100 rounds #1 buck shotgun ammunition
10 dummy rounds (available for purchase day of course)
Side saddle, caddy, shotshell pouch, or some other means of carrying extra ammunition
Snacks (optional)

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Using shotgun slugs to determine sight adjustments and holdovers

Determining shot patterns at various defensive distances

Fundamentals of Shooting
Stance, grip, mitigating recoil, breathing, aiming process, trigger management, and follow-through

Weapon Manipulation Drills
Combat and speed reloading from various shell carrier types

All topics on this page are covered in a half-day of training