Personal Protection Academy

S1 - Intro to the Defensive Shotgun

Half-day course: Classroom
Requisite Training: None
Shotgun (clean and in safe working condition)
10 dummy rounds (available for purchase day of course)
Side saddle, caddy, shotshell pouch, or some other means of carrying extra ammunition (optional)
Snacks (optional)

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General Characteristics and Support Equipment
Basic description, key parts, and configurations

Ammunition and Ballistics
Ranges and muzzle velocities, zeroing and patterning, shotshell types and recommendations

Carry Option Recommendations
Side saddles, shell caddies, and slings

Tactical Marksmanship Principles
Stance and body positions, grip, breathing control, stock/cheek weld, eye relief, sight alignment and sight picture, trigger management, and follow-through

Basic Weapon Manipulation
Combat reloading, speed reloading, speed reloading from side saddle, and speed reloading from caddy

Weapon Manipulation Drills
Combat and speed reloading from various shell carrier types

All topics on this page are covered in a half-day of training