Personal Protection Academy

Instructor Qualifications

Michael Bender

Law Enforcement Officer Firearms Training (Wisconsin Department of Justice)

Graduate of Madison Police Department Civilian Police Academy

Founder of XCOM (Extreme Combatives Empty-Hand Fighting System)

Certified Permit to Carry a Pistol Instructor (Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification)

Certified US Training Center Carbine Instructor (formerly Blackwater USA)

US Army Combat Rifle Training (M14 and M16)

Certified Colt Defense Law Enforcement & Military Armorer (M16/AR-15 Rifle)

NRA Personal Protection Instructor

NRA Pistol Instructor

NRA Firearm Safety in the Home Instructor

NRA Distinguished Expert Marksman (Handgun)

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Civilian Defensive Handgun Tactics Training

Born in 1949

Married, with one adult son

Resident of Madison, Wisconsin