Personal Protection Academy

HIPP - Home Invasion Prevention and Protection

Four-hour course
Location: your home, neighborhood association, house of worship, business, club, or organization

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Knock, knock. Who's there? Overwhelming violence and fear!
During this course, you'll acquire thorough appreciation of residential crimes, types, how often they happen, when they happen, why they happen, and how likely it is one will happen to you.

Deeper Into the Minds of Home Invaders
You'll get to know invader motivations, inherent mental instability, need to dominate and completely control their prey, and how they often will experiment with that newfound control.

Those Most at Risk
Your home is a target ... if you're a single woman living alone, among the elderly or disabled, have young children, or think you'll beg for mercy if your loved ones are about to be molested or hurt. This course will give you a good understanding of predator pre-invasion surveillance of your home and family members and how to discourage an attack on your dwelling.

How the Home Invader Operates
You'll get to know the predators' victim selection process, how they use the element of surprise, and how they'll get in. You'll get to know the weapons, tools, and restraints they'll bring; why they employ shocking violence and injury; the reason they often make an example of the adult male in your house; how they'll secure your home once inside; and what to expect when they get down to business with your valuables and loved ones.

How to Survive the Home Invasion
This training puts you on the pathway to prevention. You'll learn how to analyze your fortress and identify its five security zones. There are safer ways to answer the door ... safer ways for kids to answer the door. You'll get help with preventing invasion through your doors and windows. We'll discuss alarm system considerations, guard dogs, communication systems, lighting issues, emergency provisions, and family code words. Learn how to establish a safe room, and put together a crisis response plan, response drills, and escape plans. Learn a few simple techniques for defeating the restraints predators use to immobilize victims. We'll discuss your options for self-defense weapons - handgun, rifle, or shotgun - when and how to fight back. Rape survival. Basic room clearing techniques for moving your love ones to a safe room. We'll also discuss how to work with law enforcement on the scene and during hostage rescue.

Other topics ...
Security Tips for Women
Security Tips for Apartment Dwellers
Security Tips for College Dorms
Security Tips for Vacations and Cruises
Carjacking Prevention and Protection
Tips for Flash Mob Survival

The materials you'll receive during this course ...
HIPP Handbook for Homeowners
HIPP Handbook for College Dorms
HIPP Handbook for Apartment Dwellers

Tuition ...
$149 Single-Family In-Home Course
$199 Two-Family In-Home Course
$249 Three-Family In-Home Course
$299 Four-Family In-Home Course
$349 Five-Family In-Home Course
$399 Six-Family In-Home Course
$499 Hosted Group Course (neighborhood association, house of worship, business, club, or organization)