Personal Protection Academy

H9 - Modified Homeland Security Drill

Half-day: Live-fire
Requisite Training: H5
Handgun, clean and in safe working condition
200 rounds of range ammunition (available for purchase day of course)
Holster � master-side, on-the-belt, directional-draw, and must cover the trigger guard (optional)
Magazine pouch
Ear and eye protection
Cap, with brim
Snacks (optional)

Order This Course: (608) 239-7474

This 5-second drill was designed by a Department of Homeland Security firearms training unit.

5 targets placed at 15 feet, with about 1.5 feet between each

On command, draw and engage each target with two rounds

After the first but before the last target is engaged, reload

100% hits IN 5 seconds for three consecutive drills, Homeland Security gives a special award to agents.