Personal Protection Academy

H4 - Charging Threat and Use of Cover Drills

Half-day course
Requisite Training: H3
Handgun, clean and in safe working condition
120 rounds of range ammunition
Holster � master-side, on-the-belt, directional-draw, and must cover the trigger guard
Magazine pouch � two mag minimum
5 dummy rounds (available for purchase on day of course)
Ear and eye protection
Cap, with brim
Snacks (optional)

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Charging Threat Drills
Multiple training drills to perfect presentation from the holster while engaging a charging threat from various distances

Index Shooting Drills
Training to engage multiple threats, taking into account distance to threat, available cover, and size, abilities, and actions of those threats

Shooting Position Drills
Training in various shooting positions: low-ready, kneeling, prone, seated, sitting, supine, master-hand, support-hand

Shooting from Cover Drills
Training to instinctively seek cover while drawing or firing; utilizing various shooting positions to effectively engage threats from over and around cover and concealment

All topics on this page are covered in a half-day of training