Personal Protection Academy

Providing self-defense training to law-abiding citizens
in preparation for the criminal attack they hope will never come

Extreme Combatives Courses (XCOM)

XCOM ... all about having ability to stop a rapist or one or more violent predators in their tracks when your gun isn't at hand and your survival comes down to skills for taking him to non-functional in about five seconds ... the ultimate concealed carry.

XCOM, one day of training, is some of the same instruction taught to elite military units ... easily learned, regardless of physique, coordination, or former training.

XCOM is for men and definitely for women.

You'll have skills that last a lifetime. I promise. If by the end of the program you don't believe that's the case, I'll refund 100% of your tuition, no questions asked.

Family Security Academy Courses
CCPComprehensive Carry Permit Training
HIPPHome Invasion Prevention and Protection

Handgun Academy Courses
H1Perfect Basics
H2Defensive Marksmanship Drills
H3Presentation from Holster Drills
H4Charging Threat and Use of Cover Drills
H5Master Series Qualification
H6Modified US Air Marshall Drills
H7Modified FBI Drills
H8Modified WI State Patrol Pistol Combat Drills
H9Modified Homeland Security Drill

Carbine Academy Courses
C1Intro to the AR-15, Marksmanship and Weapon Manipulation
C2Precision Shooting
C3Tactical Movement, Transition to Secondary Weapon, Use of Cover, and Barricade Drills
C4Skills Testing and Certification

Shotgun Academy Courses
S1Intro to the Defensive Shotgun
S2Zeroing, Patterning, and Fundamentals of Shooting
S3Combat Reloading, Speed Reloading, and Weapon Manipulation
S4Shooting and Moving, Home Defense, and Transitions